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How do you prove fault in a car accident?

Despite our best intentions, most Frankfort residents will be involved in a car crash at least once during their driving career. No matter how careful of a driver you are, there are always other drivers on the road who may not be as careful. A car accident can cause serious injuries or even death and determining who is at fault for the accident is extremely important.

Determining fault in a car accident can be tricky but important. Drivers and witnesses can say who they think is at fault but that doesn't prove. Police reports can be a good start for determining who is at fault. The reports can contain evidence about liability based on the police officer's observations of evidence at the scene. It can also indicate if anyone was issued a ticket. Other evidence that can be helpful include photos of the accident and eyewitness testimony. In a rear end collision, usually the car at the back is considered at fault. Drivers who are speeding or drunk would also be found at fault in most cases.

How to be a safe Good Samaritan this winter

Winter can be a particularly dangerous time for accidents with the additional hazard of snow and ice. More cars are on the road traveling to family gatherings and other holiday celebrations. If you see a vehicle spin out, stuck on the side of the road or a multiple-car crash, you may feel compelled to stop and help them. That’s great!

Being a Good Samaritan in Kentucky comes with protections by law, but it also comes with some inherent risk to yourself. Here are a few things to keep in mind when being a Good Samaritan this winter.

Motorcycle accidents can cause serious injuries

There are many Frankfort area residents who enjoy riding their motorcycles. Most of the time they are free to ride safely. But, sometimes they fall victim to a motorcycle accident, in which they can suffer serious injuries.

Most drivers know they need to be aware of motorcycles on the road. Nonetheless, there are many people who are injured while riding motorcycles each year. These accidents can lead to serious injuries because of the lack of protection afforded to motorcyclists. There are certain injuries that are more common among motorcycle accident victims. Head injuries can be very serious. A motorcycle accident victim can suffer from a skull fracture or traumatic brain injury that leads to permanent brain damage. They can also become paralyzed from a neck injury. Road rash can occur when a motorcyclist slides across the pavement. Infections and nerve damage may occur from road rash. Arm injuries are also common when a biker places their hand and arm out to protect them from a fall off their bike. Nerve damage and broken wrists and arms can occur. Leg injuries from having the motorcycle fall on top of them can lead to amputation or broken bones.

What injuries can be caused by a dog bite?

A large percentage of Kentucky residents own a dog. Most of these dog owners are responsible and make sure their dog is properly leashed or contained and trained. But, dog bites still happen and can cause serious injuries.

No one expects a dog is going to attack and bite them. Usually dogs are friendly and docile creatures, but any dog has the potential to inflict serious injury. There are many different injuries a person can face from a dog bite. Rabies and other infections is a top concern. There can also be cuts, abrasions and punctures. Additionally, a person may have fractured bones, crush injuries or facial fractures. Many times, these injuries can cause a person to require medical attention for months or even years. Some of these injuries can even lead to death. Medical expenses, lost work and other financial hardship caused by a dog bite can be detrimental to a family.

Important safety tips for motorcycles and cars

A car colliding with a motorcycle is a nightmare for every party involved, but it is particularly dangerous for motorcyclists. There are far fewer motorcycles than cars on the roads, and yet motorcyclists are at a much higher risk of accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that motorcyclists are five times more likely to be injured in an accident than motorists, and 30 times more likely to die in a crash.

These statistics should raise significant concern for motorcyclists and drivers alike. Fortunately, the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety created a list of important safety tips for both motorcyclists and drivers to observe on the roads.

Winterize your home to avoid personal injury claims

While typically done in the earlier autumn months, if you haven't yet winterized your property, there is still time. Doing so now can save you a bundle of money — not just on costly repairs, but also by preventing potential accidents that could lead to premises liability litigation.

Below are some winterizing tips for Kentucky homeowners to get a jump start on the season.

  • Clean out your gutters. When gutters get clogged with leaves and other debris from trees and winter storms, they can create leaks and cause other damage.
  • Don't forget the roof. It's easy to forget about routine maintenance tasks on the roof. Out of sight, out of mind, as the adage goes. But failing to do at least an annual sweep of the roof while also checking for loose tiles, soft spots or other signs of wear is a recipe for disaster.
  • Clear deadfall off of property. If you have trees or even just bushes on your property, now is the time to pick up downed limbs. If snow covers the surface, they can cause trip-and-fall accidents.
  • Check the viability of trees. Different types of trees have varying lifespans, but even the shorter-lived ones can last 50 years or more. Most homeowners are clueless about the age of their trees, however. This makes it especially important to check for dead or dying trees that can present hazards for homeowners and their guests.
  • Hire a chimney sweep. If you have a fireplace, you should get your chimney inspected and professionally cleaned annually. Forking out $150 or $200 now is money well spent if it prevents a deadly house fire.
  • Check your furnace, too. If your furnace was acting a little iffy last winter, don't put off repairs until it's in the teens with an Arctic front pushing south.
  • Drain and wrap your pipes. The design of your home dictates how you access your pipes, but almost every home has an exterior water outlet. In especially cold weather, these pipes can burst and cost you thousands in repairs.
  • Prepare for snow removal. Kentucky doesn't get snowstorms like New England does, but we are far enough north to see some accumulation in the winter. If you don't want to shovel yourself, arrange for a service to do it.

Frankfort slip and fall overview

When Frankfort residents are out and about they expect they will remain safe. Most of the time, the places we enjoy are safe and well-maintained. But, occasionally a serious accident occurs through no fault of our own. Slip and fall accidents are one form of premises liability that can have serious consequences for those who are injured.

There are many dangerous conditions in which a person can suffer a fall. Slip and fall cases usually occur on property owned by someone else that is not properly maintained. They may occur because of cracked sidewalks, torn carpeting, poor lighting, wet floor, or improper snow removal. In order for a person to collect compensation, they must have sustained an injury from the fall. The injury also needs to occur on someone else's property where there was a dangerous condition that was known by the owner but not addressed.

Truck driver fatigue a major problem on Kentucky highways

Kentucky highways are always busy with residents and visitors going on vacation, to their jobs, visiting family, etc. They are also busy with cross-country truck drivers delivering goods nationwide. These trucks are far bigger than other vehicles on the road and an accident involving a commercial truck is often very serious.

Most commercial truck drivers are safe and careful drivers. But, serious commercial truck accidents occur frequently. When a driver becomes involved in an accident involving a commercial truck, they often suffer serious injuries. Passenger vehicles are much smaller than a commercial truck, so even what may appear to be a small fender-bender can have devastating consequences.

Prescription drugs and driving

Driving while impaired is incredibly dangerous. When a driver does this, they put their own safety in jeopardy and pose a major safety risk to others. And alcohol is far from the only substance that can impair a driver. Certain prescription medications can have this affect as well. So, it can be very important for individuals who are taking prescription drugs to be aware of whether any of their medications could affect their ability to drive safely.

However, a recent study indicates that individuals not having such awareness could be quite common in the United States.

What should I do after a dog bite?

Question: We have neighbor with a small hyperactive dog. Whenever I walk by, the dog yips and jumps. It even made it over the fence once. I was able to outrun the dog, but what should I do in the future if the dog catches up and actually bites me?

Answer: Animal bites are no joke. There are legal remedies against dog owners if their dog bites someone. Preserving the details of your case is essential to prevail. If a dog bites you, there are some things you should right away:

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