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Looking out for you in the New Year

Another year has come and gone, and Kentucky residents may be taking stock of their lives as they prepare to spend the holidays with their families and friends. As they gather to enjoy good food and good company, they may reflect on the good experiences and bad times that came to pass in 2019. For those who suffered losses and injuries in motor vehicle accidents, 2020 may be an uncertain year when it comes to their finances and health.

Car accident injuries to the head and back can be serious

The trauma of a car accident can inflict severe pain and suffering on the health of a victim in Kentucky. While some accident victims are able to walk away from crashes without experiencing significant physical harm, others are taken from the scenes of crashes with life-threatening injuries. Oftentimes, when victims suffer serious injuries in motor vehicle accidents, those injuries affect their heads and their backs.

Car crash liability when there is no driver

The country is dealing with the questions surrounding the ever-changing technology involving autonomous vehicles. Legal liability for car accidents involving a driverless vehicle still remains unresolved and may be more complicated than dealing with lawsuits involving negligent drivers.

More Americans killed in car accidents than World Wars I, II

People in Kentucky may have become accustomed to seeing traffic accidents on a regular basis. They may not know, however, just how serious the scope of this problem is. According to recent research, more people in the United States have died in car accidents since 2000 than in both World Wars.

Motorists drive over three miles daily while distracted

Distracted driving was involved in over 3,000 traffic fatalities in 2017. A recent study revealed that the average American motorist drives 3.3 miles while distracted each day. This behavior only multiplies the risk of car accidents.

Rear-passengers face greater injury risk

Drivers and other front-seat vehicle passengers have received the benefit of airbags and seatbelts, which together operate to keep a person in the proper position in a car crash. However, according to an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study, rear passengers have not received these protections in car accidents.

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