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Kentucky state parks may be responsible for injuries

Legal liability for slip-and-fall and other accidents are not restricted to supermarkets or other commercial areas. State parks may also assume premises liability for accidents caused by negligence or hazardous conditions.

Ways to keep stores safe

Retailers have a duty to keep their customers and employees safe. They must be aware of the risks posed by their location, merchandise, and brands. Providing inadequate security and failing to implement reasonable procedures can be grounds for a premises liability lawsuit.

Building owners may be in legal crosshairs for shootings

Dealing with tragic mass shootings has been difficult. These shootings have also placed owners and managers of commercial buildings into legal jeopardy as they are being sued for premises liability for active-shooter incidents that occurred on their properties.

What are a landlord's safety responsibilities?

Apartment tenants pay rent for more than a roof over their head. Among their duties to maintain a habitable residence, landlords must provide a safe place to live or face a premises liability lawsuit when a tenant is injured.

Common shopping hazards

The end of the holiday shopping season is a reminder that a retail store and shopping mall have the duty of protecting their customers from injury-causing hazards. Failure to conduct regular inspections, repairing hazards and providing warnings may lead to a premises liability lawsuit.

Football games and unexpected injuries

Many Kentucky residents enjoy attending football games. Although many know about injuries that football players can face, those who are attending the games also face risks. There are several injuries a person can face when they attend a sporting event.

Elements needed to prove premises liability case

The holiday season is quickly approaching and with it brings an influx of shoppers to Kentucky stores. With more people in stores, business owners need to be aware of the risks that can be present in their stores. Shoppers don't expect they will suffer an unexpected injury while out and about, but unfortunately, not all property owners are diligent about upkeep and safety. When a person is injured unexpectedly, there are elements that need to be present in order to bring a premises liability case.

Seniors in Kentucky are at risk of falling in public places

Frankfort area seniors understand the importance of not falling. Falling is one of the leading causes of injuries seniors can face, and often it results in serious injuries. Older people are usually more fragile, and recovering from a fall can take much longer. If a senior falls in a public place, it could be as a result of negligence on the part of the property owner.

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