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Impaired truck driver blamed for Virginia train crash

One of the most serious consequences of a truck accident is the harm caused by the large size difference between the truck and the other vehicle. However, truck accidents are not limited to these situations. The National Transportation Safety Board concluded that an impaired trash truck driver was likely responsible for a deadly crash with an Amtrak train last year.

Advocates seek action on stalled truck safety measures

Each day, there are over 1,000 crashes in this country involving trucks. Excessive speed has been blamed for many of these truck accidents. However, existing technology has not been fully implemented that can help prevent deadly crashes.

Trucking industry facing shortage of drivers

Many semi-trucks pass through Kentucky every day. With major freeways crisscrossing the state and a location close to industrial operations, like the Toyota plant, semi-trucks are a major presence on our roads. Most of the time these trucks can safely share the road with other drivers, but occasionally a serious accident occurs. Many times, accidents involving trucks cause serious injuries or even death. A new report released has indicated that the trucking industry is experiencing a shortage of drivers which may impact truck safety.

Steps to take after a Kentucky truck accident

Kentucky drivers know there are many trucks in the commonwealth. Our interstates are full of trucks moving goods across the country in all directions. Most of the time cars are able to share the roads safely, but occasionally a truck accident occurs. These accidents are often serious due to the size difference in trucks versus every other vehicle on the road. If a person has been involved in an accident with a truck, there are certain things they should do.

Truck driver fatigue can be dangerous

Kentucky drivers encounter many tractor-trailers on the road. With major freeways crisscrossing the state, Kentucky is a mecca for transportation. Most of the time drivers are able to safely share the road with semi-trucks, but occasionally there are accidents. And, when it comes to accidents involving tractor-trailers, the aftermath of the crash can be catastrophic.

Truck driver fatigue a major problem on Kentucky highways

Kentucky highways are always busy with residents and visitors going on vacation, to their jobs, visiting family, etc. They are also busy with cross-country truck drivers delivering goods nationwide. These trucks are far bigger than other vehicles on the road and an accident involving a commercial truck is often very serious.

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