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What is needed in order to claim negligence in a car crash?

Many Kentucky residents will be unexpectedly injured during their lifetime. When these injuries are the result of someone else's negligence, as might be the case in a car accident, the injured party may want to file a negligence claim But there are certain elements that need to be present in order for the negligence claim to be brought up.

The impact of catastrophic car accident injuries on victims

When a person in Frankfort is involved in a car accident, it can be both a physically and emotionally traumatizing event. Victims of car accidents can suffer lifelong catastrophic injuries that negatively affect their lives for years to come.

Damages for pain and suffering in Kentucky

Many Frankfort area residents will suffer an injury of some type during their lifetime. These injuries may result from negligence, including car accidents, slip and fall, animal bite, violent incident or other personal injury occurrence. A person who suffers one of these injuries may be eligible for pain and suffering damages.

Preparing to discuss your legal options after a car accident

It is hard for a person to move past a car accident. A serious car accident can affect a person's life for a long time. Sometimes, a person may want to meet with an attorney to discuss their accident, especially if the accident may have been caused by another person's negligence.

What is "negligence"?

When a Frankfort resident is involved in an accident or is injured, the claims that arise usually are from "negligence." If a person is legally responsible for causing the accident or injury, it is typically because of negligence. So, what is negligence when proving fault?

Causes of truck accidents

Trucks are a common sight on Kentucky roads. With the major interstates, there are many trucks that use them to move goods across the country. Most of the time, cars are able to share the roads safely with trucks, but occasionally a serious truck accident occurs that can lead to serious injuries or even death.

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