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Motorcycle Accidents Can Lead To An Uphill Legal Battle

Kentucky’s beautiful country roads are the perfect way to explore the state’s scenic vistas, especially on a motorcycle. Unfortunately, even the most careful riders face the risk of collision, slippery roads and other hazards. And even minor motorcycle accidents can result in significant injuries as well as damage to your bike.

All it takes is one careless driver — maybe someone texting as they pull onto the highway — to change your life forever. No one can undo an accident, but with qualified legal representation you can get adequate compensation for any injuries you’ve suffered.

The personal injury attorneys at Michael L. Hawkins & Associates, P.L.L.C., are committed to seeking full compensation when you are injured due to the actions of drivers, other motorcyclists and other people on the road. Whether your accident took place in Frankfort or elsewhere in the state, we’ll help you navigate insurance law so you can recover from your injuries.

How Motorcycle Accidents Are Different From Car Accidents

Many insurance companies won’t offer no-fault coverage for motorcyclists in Kentucky, even when they do extend this policy to drivers of cars and other larger vehicles. This means motorcyclists start out at a legal disadvantage after any collision. Hiring an experienced lawyer is the best way to overcome this disadvantage.

It’s also important to note that motorcyclists are not required to wear helmets in Kentucky. This exposes riders to the risk of much more serious injury.

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