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Victims have rights after car accidents in Kentucky

Victims of car accidents can suffer a multitude of injuries that can leave them sore, unable to work or even fighting for their lives. When car accidents happen, victims should know that they may have legal options.

One option that a victim may have after a motor vehicle accident is to sue the driver who caused them to suffer harm. Lawsuits of this nature are often based on the negligence or intentional acts of the drivers and establish a causal connection between those drivers' actions and the harm suffered by victims. When a victim sues and wins, they may be entitled to recover the damages that they requested when they initiated their litigation.

Foreseeability as an element of a premises liability lawsuit

Lawsuits based on the injuries that Kentucky residents suffer on other people's property fall under the legal concept of "premises liability." If property owners fail to keep their land or any improvements on it in reasonably safe conditions, then they may be held liable for the harm that others suffer when they enter onto that land or those structures. However, there are a number of elements that courts will consider when deciding if a property owner should be found responsible for the losses of another.

One element that can play a role in a victim's success at trial on a premises liability claim is "foreseeability." Foreseeability relates to how easy it would be for a property owner to predict that someone may be harmed in a particular way on their land. Generally, property owners are responsible for making hazards that foreseeably could present threats to others safe.

Are you sure you weren’t injured in your car accident?

There are many things we do each day that are much more dangerous than we realize, particularly driving and riding in modern vehicles. A car accident can happen at any time, and almost all car accidents can leave victims with significant injuries that don't cause pain or show signs of harm, such as bleeding or swelling.

All of us lead busy lives, and it may feel like a waste of time and money to go to a doctor for a medical screening after a car accident, especially if you walked away from a car accident without any pain. However, injuries that do not cause pain immediately are often quite dangerous. If you wait until you feel pain to seek treatment, an injury may get much worse and leave you with lasting pain and other complications.

What are common causes of truck accidents?

Large trucks are an important part of keeping Kentucky stores and retail centers full of consumer products. When shipments of goods arrive on sea vessels, by plane or by train, they are often loaded onto large delivery trucks so that they can be taken to stores and cities throughout the country. However, when large trucks are involved in motor vehicle accidents with other cars, trucks and SUVs, it is often the smaller vehicles that are damaged and their drivers and passengers who are hurt.

Truck accidents can result in serious injuries and losses of life. There are many ways that truck accidents can occur. One common cause of truck accidents is driver inexperience. Trucks are much different than smaller personal vehicles, and inexperienced drivers may not know how to safely maneuver trucks on local roads and highways. Drivers who are improperly trained, who do not have the proper licensing and who do not have enough hours behind the wheel of their rigs can cause serious accidents.

Keeping a vicious dog is subject to state regulation

Kentucky residents often love their pet dogs for the companionship and loyalty that they give to their masters. While most dogs will live their entire lives without ever inflicting harm on their owners or other humans, some will demonstrate dangerous propensities that could subject others to injury if left unchecked. Particularly when a dog attacks someone or something else and is allowed to remain with its owner may it be deemed vicious and be subject to regulation.

If a dog is labeled as vicious it may not roam freely. In Kentucky a vicious dog must be kept behind a seven-foot fence or in a containment pen with a top. The dog is not allowed to leave its enclosure other than for two reasons. The first reason involves getting care from a veterinarian. The second reason involves being surrendered to an animal shelter.

Visual recognition and dangerous motorcycle accidents

Motorcycles are a great way to get around Frankfort, but individuals who are involved in vehicle accidents while on them can suffer serious and even life-threatening harm. Many motorcycle accidents are caused by drivers of larger vehicles who simply do not pay attention to the road or who are not in the practice of looking out for motorcycles. The failure to see a motorcycle and its rider while driving is a problem related to visual recognition, the topic of this informative personal injury post.

Visual recognition relates to the ability to see something and know what it is. Motorcycles are by design much smaller than the standard sized vehicles that most Kentucky residents drive. They are essentially smaller targets for the eyes to find and therefore harder to notice when a driver is moving their gaze from their mirrors, out their windows and possibly to distractions inside and outside of their vehicle.

Attracting an injury lawsuit

A neighbor can install features such as a pool, equipment or other things that make their home an inescapable designation for children. Without taking reasonable precautions, however, these can become an attractive nuisance that causes injury and grounds for a premises liability lawsuit.

Attractive nuisances include a wide range of things that attract teenagers and children to a property. In addition to swimming pools and playground equipment, these can also include construction projects and materials, landscaping, vehicles and other items.

Take action after a dog bite, even if you know the dog's owner

Even people whom you know and trust could have an animal that turns out to be dangerous. People with good hearts may open their homes to a rescue animal whose abusive past may make them more dangerous than other animals. Even a dog that someone you know raised from a puppy could still have psychological issues or might snap without provocation at you or one of your children.

A dog bite attack is often traumatic for the person on the receiving end of those sharp teeth. People typically require a combination of medical care and mental health counseling or therapy to fully recover from a vicious dog attack.

Kentucky Supreme Court reviews malpractice rule

Kentucky law imposes deadlines for the filing of personal injury lawsuits. However, these periods often depend on the facts of a specific case. The Kentucky Supreme Court is reviewing a case that could impact other wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits.

The deadline for filing a medical malpractice lawsuit, known as the statute of limitations, is one year in Kentucky. The state also has an exception known as the continuous course of treatment doctrine. This allows a patient to file a lawsuit after the year has passed when the same physician who committed the malpractice continues to provide care to that patient.

Car crash liability when there is no driver

The country is dealing with the questions surrounding the ever-changing technology involving autonomous vehicles. Legal liability for car accidents involving a driverless vehicle still remains unresolved and may be more complicated than dealing with lawsuits involving negligent drivers.

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