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How does one show that a dog is vicious?

Many Frankfort area residents own a dog. Dogs are important members of families and usually friendly. But, occasionally, a dog can be a neighborhood terror. In these cases, an animal bite can occur that causes serious injuries. In a dog bite lawsuit, a person needs to show that the owner had prior knowledge their dog was vicious.

The unexpected death of a loved one affects a family forever

Many Frankfort area residents have heard of someone who has died because of another person's negligence. These tragic events can occur because of a car accident, motorcycle accident, workplace accident, or other serious situation. A fatal accident may be the result of negligence and that can result in a family seeking a wrongful death claim.

Common types of dog bite injuries

Many Frankfort residents enjoy taking a daily stroll in their neighborhood, through a park or other public space. Most of the time, these walks are enjoyable, but occasionally, a person runs into an aggressive dog that attacks. There are many injuries a person can suffer from a dog bite.

Most common kinds of motorcycle accidents

Now that summer is upon us here in Frankfort, motorcycles are the preferred mode of transportation for many Kentucky residents. Most of the time motorcyclists are able to share the road safely with other drivers, but occasionally a motorcycle accident occurs that leads to serious injuries and even death.

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