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A surgical error can lead to an unexpected death

Many Kentucky residents will undergo surgery during their lifetime. Most of the time, a surgery goes as expected and the patient receives good results. But, occasionally a surgical error occurs which is not expected it can lead to very serious results for the patient, including death. In these situations, a wrongful death lawsuit may be appropriate.

Kentucky police warn drivers of 'In My Feelings' challenge

Distracted driving and dangerous driving continue to be a problem in Kentucky. Cellphones, passengers and other distractions offer many opportunities for drivers to cause motor vehicle accidents that injure themselves, their passengers and others they meet along the road. For example, a popular new social media craze is making local law enforcement concerned that it will cause car accidents.

Survivor of duck boat tragedy wants vehicles banned

Duck boats are popular at many tourist destinations that Kentucky residents frequent. But, these duck boats have been involved in many accidents recently which is causing some people to question their safety. The most recent wrongful death accident has motivated some to demand that these vehicle be banned.

Good Samaritans, pedestrians and traffic crashes in Kentucky

One of the major issues in Kentucky is that there are many people in relatively small areas. In cities, there are lots of people, but then the surrounding area is a stark contrast of countryside. Since people are living close together for the most part, there is a higher risk of getting into crashes and causing injuries to pedestrians, particularly in cities like Lexington and Frankfort.

Tips to prevent boating accidents

Many Kentucky residents enjoy waters throughout the state. Fishing is a popular activity, along with water sports and boating. Most of the time, people are able to enjoy the waters safely, but occasionally, a fatal boating accident occurs that affects a family forever. Although there are some accidents that unfortunately cannot be avoided, it is important for boaters to keep in mind some important safety tips to prevent an accident.

Popular attraction blamed for making hundreds sick

Many families in Kentucky enjoy vacations in the Gatlinburg-Pigeon Forge area. They spend time in nature and exploring the area and the many activities that are offered. One of those activities is ziplining, but unfortunately it has reportedly made many of the customers sick this summer.

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