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Car crash liability when there is no driver

The country is dealing with the questions surrounding the ever-changing technology involving autonomous vehicles. Legal liability for car accidents involving a driverless vehicle still remains unresolved and may be more complicated than dealing with lawsuits involving negligent drivers.

Military law blocking malpractice wrongful death suits challenged

Since 1950, members of the military have not possessed the right, enjoyed by civilians in Kentucky and across the nation who receive care from doctors or hospitals, to file medical malpractice lawsuits against military doctors or hospitals. But Congress may remove part of this legal privilege blocking these lawsuits. This bill could lower the bar to the filing of lawsuits by military personnel or the filing of wrongful death lawsuits by their families.

Wayne Newton's monkey at issue in animal bite lawsuit

A dog bite injury usually comes to mind when hearing news about an animal bite lawsuit. But that there may be many types of animal bites underlying court actions in Kentucky and across the U.S. For example, a woman is suing Las Vegas entertainer Wayne Newton for injuries suffered by her daughter during an invited tour of Newton's mansion in 2017.

Your rights when distracted drivers cause fatal wrecks

Distracted driving is more common than people realize. Recent research, for example, found that the average driver travels over three miles each day while distracted. Smartphones have created the ultimate temptation for people to take their eyes and minds off the road. It is difficult, if not impossible, for people to ignore the notifications that come pouring in from their phone.

More Americans killed in car accidents than World Wars I, II

People in Kentucky may have become accustomed to seeing traffic accidents on a regular basis. They may not know, however, just how serious the scope of this problem is. According to recent research, more people in the United States have died in car accidents since 2000 than in both World Wars.

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