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Impaired truck driver blamed for Virginia train crash

One of the most serious consequences of a truck accident is the harm caused by the large size difference between the truck and the other vehicle. However, truck accidents are not limited to these situations. The National Transportation Safety Board concluded that an impaired trash truck driver was likely responsible for a deadly crash with an Amtrak train last year.

Keyless ignition fatalities lead to action

The push-button ignition starter is a recent and popular innovation that allows motorists to keep their key-fobs in their pockets. However, this innovation has proven fatal in dozens of cases where people died from carbon monoxide inhalation after they forgot to push the starter button off. While this may be grounds for a wrongful death action, a bill was also introduced in the U.S. Senate addressing this danger.

Avoid crashes on Interstate 75 with these tips

Anyone who hs driven on I-75 knows that it can be a hassle. Drivers don't often obey the speed limit, and it's a rarity to see someone use their blinkers. Combined with heavy traffic and distractions, there's no wonder that this highway has so many collisions.

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