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Kentucky state parks may be responsible for injuries

Legal liability for slip-and-fall and other accidents are not restricted to supermarkets or other commercial areas. State parks may also assume premises liability for accidents caused by negligence or hazardous conditions.

Easing trucking drive time rules could lead to truck accidents

Trucking regulations limit the number of hours that drivers of commercial vehicles can be on the road. These rules are meant to combat fatigue and they apply to truckers across the nation, including those right here in Kentucky. But the U.S. Department of Transportation may weaken the federal regulations restricting driving hours even though safety advocates claim that this will increase the risk of truck accidents.

Hit by someone from out of state? Consider this

On I-75 and I-64 you've probably seen your fair share of crashes. Combined with so many people who drive through the area to get to Tennessee, Ohio, Louisville and other populated locations, it's no wonder that there are so many collisions. People from various states are trying to follow their own state rules, even though the only driving rules that matter are Kentucky's while in the state.

Ways to keep stores safe

Retailers have a duty to keep their customers and employees safe. They must be aware of the risks posed by their location, merchandise, and brands. Providing inadequate security and failing to implement reasonable procedures can be grounds for a premises liability lawsuit.

Bill would restrict truck speed

Limiting truck speeds to 65 mph would prevent between 63 and 214 deaths each year, according to a Department of Transportation regulation proposal. Because this proposal has been languishing for almost 10 years, two senators introduced a bill that would electronically restrict tractor-trailer speeds to 65 mph. The bill's proponents claim that it will prevent fatal truck accidents.

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