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Trucker drug testing is being scrutinized

Federal drug testing rules and commercial driver's licensing standards that were enacted in the 1990s have reduced the number of truck crashes involving drugs. However, several fatal accidents, the increasing legalization of marijuana use and the increased awareness of the abuse of anti-anxiety medications have all raised concerns over the role of drugs in truck accidents. Advocates claim that federal drug-testing programs miss many drivers who use drugs.

State supreme court expands police liability

Since 1952, police in Kentucky have been immune from lawsuits in the event that a car chase caused death or injury to third parties. Earlier this month, the state Supreme Court issued a ruling eliminating this blanket immunity and overturning its 67-year-old decision. The decision allowed a wrongful death lawsuit against two sheriffs for the death of a motorist.

Kentucky Medical Malpractice Facts

Kentucky, like other states, has legal requirements for filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. Meeting these procedures is essential for a wrongful death or personal injury lawsuit when doctors or health care facilities provided substandard care. Otherwise, there may not be financial reckoning for medical harm.

Stopping to help? Avoid a pedestrian crash

If you're driving and notice that someone has broken down on the side of the road, will you pull over to stop? Many people will, which is wonderful for those who need help. The problem is that being outside your vehicle on any roadway is dangerous.

Motorists drive over three miles daily while distracted

Distracted driving was involved in over 3,000 traffic fatalities in 2017. A recent study revealed that the average American motorist drives 3.3 miles while distracted each day. This behavior only multiplies the risk of car accidents.

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