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Important safety tips for motorcycles and cars

A car colliding with a motorcycle is a nightmare for every party involved, but it is particularly dangerous for motorcyclists. There are far fewer motorcycles than cars on the roads, and yet motorcyclists are at a much higher risk of accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that motorcyclists are five times more likely to be injured in an accident than motorists, and 30 times more likely to die in a crash.

Winterize your home to avoid personal injury claims

While typically done in the earlier autumn months, if you haven't yet winterized your property, there is still time. Doing so now can save you a bundle of money — not just on costly repairs, but also by preventing potential accidents that could lead to premises liability litigation.

Frankfort slip and fall overview

When Frankfort residents are out and about they expect they will remain safe. Most of the time, the places we enjoy are safe and well-maintained. But, occasionally a serious accident occurs through no fault of our own. Slip and fall accidents are one form of premises liability that can have serious consequences for those who are injured.

Truck driver fatigue a major problem on Kentucky highways

Kentucky highways are always busy with residents and visitors going on vacation, to their jobs, visiting family, etc. They are also busy with cross-country truck drivers delivering goods nationwide. These trucks are far bigger than other vehicles on the road and an accident involving a commercial truck is often very serious.

Prescription drugs and driving

Driving while impaired is incredibly dangerous. When a driver does this, they put their own safety in jeopardy and pose a major safety risk to others. And alcohol is far from the only substance that can impair a driver. Certain prescription medications can have this affect as well. So, it can be very important for individuals who are taking prescription drugs to be aware of whether any of their medications could affect their ability to drive safely.

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