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What injuries can be caused by a dog bite?

A large percentage of Kentucky residents own a dog. Most of these dog owners are responsible and make sure their dog is properly leashed or contained and trained. But, dog bites still happen and can cause serious injuries.

No one expects a dog is going to attack and bite them. Usually dogs are friendly and docile creatures, but any dog has the potential to inflict serious injury. There are many different injuries a person can face from a dog bite. Rabies and other infections is a top concern. There can also be cuts, abrasions and punctures. Additionally, a person may have fractured bones, crush injuries or facial fractures. Many times, these injuries can cause a person to require medical attention for months or even years. Some of these injuries can even lead to death. Medical expenses, lost work and other financial hardship caused by a dog bite can be detrimental to a family.

Families who have been affected by a dog bite may want to speak with a legal professional who is skilled in personal injury law. An attorney can help the family determine what happened and help the family recover compensation for their injury. Kentucky has strict dog owner liability where victims of dog bites can hold a dog owner accountable for every dog bite. An attorney can help their client attempt to get the compensation they need and deserve for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages.

Any dog has the potential to bite someone. Usually larger dogs cause more serious injuries, but a person can get a serious infection or laceration from any animal. It is important to hold a dog owner responsible for their dog so that it doesn’t hurt anyone else.

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