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Looking out for you in the New Year

Another year has come and gone, and Kentucky residents may be taking stock of their lives as they prepare to spend the holidays with their families and friends. As they gather to enjoy good food and good company, they may reflect on the good experiences and bad times that came to pass in 2019. For those who suffered losses and injuries in motor vehicle accidents, 2020 may be an uncertain year when it comes to their finances and health.

Lack of informed consent can lead to wrongful death

Going to the doctor shouldn't be a scary experience. After all, medical professionals have received extensive amounts of education and training to prepare them for their positions. As comforting as that may sound, though, the sad reality is that doctors and nurses in Kentucky make errors that put innocent patients at risk of being seriously injured or killed. Such acts of medical malpractice can occur in several ways, including surgical and medication errors, as well as failure to diagnose.

3 tips to stay safe in busy holiday traffic

On I-64 and I-75, consistent backups, heavy traffic, construction and collisions are a constant reality. If you've tried to travel up between Lexington and Frankfort or Frankfort and Louisville, you know how congested the roads can get. If you travel up I-75 to Cincinnati, it's even worse.

Vicarious liability claim may be justified after truck accident

It only takes the blink of an eye for things to go wrong on the road. A distracted, drunk, or drowsy driver can quickly veer into oncoming traffic, fail to stop for slowed traffic or pedestrians, and neglect to yield to other vehicles when turning left. While any type of car accident can leave a trail of devastation in its wake, those involving semi-trucks can be especially catastrophic, oftentimes leaving victims with serious injuries that can be life altering.

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