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Amusement park rides may be dangerous

Many Kentucky residents enjoy going to amusement parks. There are some great amusement parks within driving distance that we all enjoy including Kentucky Kingdom, Holiday World and King's Island. There are also many other fun amusement parks in the United States like Disney World. Even though these amusement parks have safety measures in place to ensure their guests remain safe, accident can still occur.

What are animal bite laws in Kentucky?

Animal bites can cause serious harm and damages to victims and their families which is why it is helpful to understand there are legal protections available for victims of animal bites. Victims of an animal bite and their families may, however, wonder what the legal resources are protecting them in the event of an animal bite. In Kentucky, strict liability animal bite laws are followed.

4 things to remember when sharing the road with semi trucks

You have probably had to share the road with semi trucks in and around the Frankfort area. You may have even had a few close calls with one of these large trucks. When driving near semis, the most important thing you can do is to stay alert. Also, you should remember to give truckers plenty of room.

Damages for pain and suffering in Kentucky

Many Frankfort area residents will suffer an injury of some type during their lifetime. These injuries may result from negligence, including car accidents, slip and fall, animal bite, violent incident or other personal injury occurrence. A person who suffers one of these injuries may be eligible for pain and suffering damages.

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