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What are animal bite laws in Kentucky?

Animal bites can cause serious harm and damages to victims and their families which is why it is helpful to understand there are legal protections available for victims of animal bites. Victims of an animal bite and their families may, however, wonder what the legal resources are protecting them in the event of an animal bite. In Kentucky, strict liability animal bite laws are followed.

Strict liability laws concerning animal bites refers to the fact that dog owners are held strictly liability for any injuries, harm or damages their dogs cause regardless of the circumstances. The law does recognize, however, if the victim was partially negligent or responsible according to comparative negligence laws which means that damages will be apportioned according the respective negligence of the parties.

Victims of dog attacks and other animal bites can suffer physical, financial and emotional damages including emotional trauma. A personal injury claim for damages against a dog owner following an animal attack can help victims recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering damages that often accompanies an animal attack and dog bite. Victims can suffer physical and emotional scars and may require extensive medical care and time away from work to treat both.

Because of the serious, and sometimes long-term, consequences to victims associated with a dog bite, it is important for them to be familiar with the legal resources available to protect them. The laws concerning dog bites in Kentucky ensure the public remains safe and that victims of dog bites are protected.

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