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Keeping a vicious dog is subject to state regulation

Kentucky residents often love their pet dogs for the companionship and loyalty that they give to their masters. While most dogs will live their entire lives without ever inflicting harm on their owners or other humans, some will demonstrate dangerous propensities that could subject others to injury if left unchecked. Particularly when a dog attacks someone or something else and is allowed to remain with its owner may it be deemed vicious and be subject to regulation.

Visual recognition and dangerous motorcycle accidents

Motorcycles are a great way to get around Frankfort, but individuals who are involved in vehicle accidents while on them can suffer serious and even life-threatening harm. Many motorcycle accidents are caused by drivers of larger vehicles who simply do not pay attention to the road or who are not in the practice of looking out for motorcycles. The failure to see a motorcycle and its rider while driving is a problem related to visual recognition, the topic of this informative personal injury post.

Attracting an injury lawsuit

A neighbor can install features such as a pool, equipment or other things that make their home an inescapable designation for children. Without taking reasonable precautions, however, these can become an attractive nuisance that causes injury and grounds for a premises liability lawsuit.

Take action after a dog bite, even if you know the dog's owner

Even people whom you know and trust could have an animal that turns out to be dangerous. People with good hearts may open their homes to a rescue animal whose abusive past may make them more dangerous than other animals. Even a dog that someone you know raised from a puppy could still have psychological issues or might snap without provocation at you or one of your children.

Kentucky Supreme Court reviews malpractice rule

Kentucky law imposes deadlines for the filing of personal injury lawsuits. However, these periods often depend on the facts of a specific case. The Kentucky Supreme Court is reviewing a case that could impact other wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits.

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