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Keeping a vicious dog is subject to state regulation

Kentucky residents often love their pet dogs for the companionship and loyalty that they give to their masters. While most dogs will live their entire lives without ever inflicting harm on their owners or other humans, some will demonstrate dangerous propensities that could subject others to injury if left unchecked. Particularly when a dog attacks someone or something else and is allowed to remain with its owner may it be deemed vicious and be subject to regulation.

If a dog is labeled as vicious it may not roam freely. In Kentucky a vicious dog must be kept behind a seven-foot fence or in a containment pen with a top. The dog is not allowed to leave its enclosure other than for two reasons. The first reason involves getting care from a veterinarian. The second reason involves being surrendered to an animal shelter.

When the dog leaves its enclosure for one of those two stated reasons then it must be muzzled and under the control of a person. A dog that has been labeled vicious and that gets free from its enclosure may be destroyed by a law enforcement official. Individuals who keep vicious dogs may be subject to personal liability if their animals harm others.

Dog bites and other animal attack injuries can be very serious and should always be treated by medical professionals. When they occur it is important that victims and their families also keep legal help so that they can better understand their rights and options. This post does not offer any guidance to readers and should be used as information only.

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