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What is a "wrongful death"?

The death of a loved one can be an overwhelming event for the members of a family in Kentucky. While in some situations the relatives and friends of a dying individual may have time to say their goodbyes and make their peace with their loss, in other instances life may be stolen from otherwise healthy individuals because of accidents and intentionally harmful conduct. "Wrongful deaths" are losses that stem from incidents that fall into the latter category.

Dog bites can spread infection and disease

Dogs can make great pets when they are well-trained and cared for by loving owners. However, even the friendliest dogs can bite when they are startled, scared or otherwise put in stressful situations. Kentucky residents can take some important steps to reduce their risks of suffering dog bites.

Foreseeability as an element of a premises liability lawsuit

Lawsuits based on the injuries that Kentucky residents suffer on other people's property fall under the legal concept of "premises liability." If property owners fail to keep their land or any improvements on it in reasonably safe conditions, then they may be held liable for the harm that others suffer when they enter onto that land or those structures. However, there are a number of elements that courts will consider when deciding if a property owner should be found responsible for the losses of another.

Are you sure you weren’t injured in your car accident?

There are many things we do each day that are much more dangerous than we realize, particularly driving and riding in modern vehicles. A car accident can happen at any time, and almost all car accidents can leave victims with significant injuries that don't cause pain or show signs of harm, such as bleeding or swelling.

What are common causes of truck accidents?

Large trucks are an important part of keeping Kentucky stores and retail centers full of consumer products. When shipments of goods arrive on sea vessels, by plane or by train, they are often loaded onto large delivery trucks so that they can be taken to stores and cities throughout the country. However, when large trucks are involved in motor vehicle accidents with other cars, trucks and SUVs, it is often the smaller vehicles that are damaged and their drivers and passengers who are hurt.

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