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Dog bites can spread infection and disease

Dogs can make great pets when they are well-trained and cared for by loving owners. However, even the friendliest dogs can bite when they are startled, scared or otherwise put in stressful situations. Kentucky residents can take some important steps to reduce their risks of suffering dog bites.

They may, for example, always ask before they pet unfamiliar animals. They should remain still if they are approached or pursued by unknown dogs, and they may take defensive postures if those animals attack. When a dog bite happens victims should be aware of their injuries and take proactive steps to prevent infections.

All dog bites should be washed with soap and water and those that are serious should be dressed to stop bleeding. Antibiotic cream may be used on minor wounds, but any dog bite injury that is significantly painful, turns red or appears infected, or continues to bleed, should be seen by a medical professional. Dogs can transmit diseases to humans and doctors may be able to help individuals who contract bite-based illnesses.

While many readers may be familiar with rabies, there are other illnesses that victims can contract from dogs. Tetanus, MRSA, Pasteurella and Capnocytophaga are all potentially serious diseases that may be passed from dogs to humans when bites happen. Individuals who have suffered dog bites should likely see their doctors to have their injuries evaluated. They may then take steps to protect their legal rights and pursue litigation if so desired to attempt to recover damages and losses.

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