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What are common causes of truck accidents?

Large trucks are an important part of keeping Kentucky stores and retail centers full of consumer products. When shipments of goods arrive on sea vessels, by plane or by train, they are often loaded onto large delivery trucks so that they can be taken to stores and cities throughout the country. However, when large trucks are involved in motor vehicle accidents with other cars, trucks and SUVs, it is often the smaller vehicles that are damaged and their drivers and passengers who are hurt.

Truck accidents can result in serious injuries and losses of life. There are many ways that truck accidents can occur. One common cause of truck accidents is driver inexperience. Trucks are much different than smaller personal vehicles, and inexperienced drivers may not know how to safely maneuver trucks on local roads and highways. Drivers who are improperly trained, who do not have the proper licensing and who do not have enough hours behind the wheel of their rigs can cause serious accidents.

Distractions and exhaustion can also lead to truck accidents with smaller vehicles. A truck driver who texts and drives or who fails to take breaks when necessary can cause a serious collision due to their lack of focus. Truck accidents can be complicated legal matters to sort out and can include a number of possible defendants for victims to sue in their pursuit of recovering their losses. Victims may need to get more information about their personal injury options if they intend to pursue a lawsuit.

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