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Victims have rights after car accidents in Kentucky

Victims of car accidents can suffer a multitude of injuries that can leave them sore, unable to work or even fighting for their lives. When car accidents happen, victims should know that they may have legal options.

One option that a victim may have after a motor vehicle accident is to sue the driver who caused them to suffer harm. Lawsuits of this nature are often based on the negligence or intentional acts of the drivers and establish a causal connection between those drivers’ actions and the harm suffered by victims. When a victim sues and wins, they may be entitled to recover the damages that they requested when they initiated their litigation.

Another option that a victim may have after an accident is to settle their pending claims. A settlement allows a victim to take a cash offer from the party that caused the harm in exchange for releasing that party from all future claims that may arise from the relevant accident. Not all victims may benefit from settlements, and individuals should be sure they understand their legal rights before accepting such offers.

Different car accident victims may have different needs and, therefore, their legal strategies may take on unique forms. At our law firm, we work with car accident victims as they assess their legal options and fight to recover their losses from the parties who caused them to suffer harm. Our readers who need more information can visit our law firm’s website to see how we work to help Kentucky residents.

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