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Visual recognition and dangerous motorcycle accidents

Motorcycles are a great way to get around Frankfort, but individuals who are involved in vehicle accidents while on them can suffer serious and even life-threatening harm. Many motorcycle accidents are caused by drivers of larger vehicles who simply do not pay attention to the road or who are not in the practice of looking out for motorcycles. The failure to see a motorcycle and its rider while driving is a problem related to visual recognition, the topic of this informative personal injury post.

Visual recognition relates to the ability to see something and know what it is. Motorcycles are by design much smaller than the standard sized vehicles that most Kentucky residents drive. They are essentially smaller targets for the eyes to find and therefore harder to notice when a driver is moving their gaze from their mirrors, out their windows and possibly to distractions inside and outside of their vehicle.

Because motorcycles are harder to see, they are often lost in vehicle blind spots, in heavy traffic and in adverse weather. A driver may pull in front of a motorcycle negligently because they did not take the time to check for all kinds of possible traffic. Many motorcycle accidents happen at intersections when drivers fail to see motorcyclists in their paths.

Though motorcyclists can drive defensively, wear protective clothing and take other precautions to stay safe, it is on drivers to meet their duties of care to others when they get behind the wheels of their cars. A driver who harms a motorcyclist may be liable for their victim’s damages and may be held accountable to them if that victim chooses to pursue litigation against them.

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