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Tips to prevent boating accidents

Many Kentucky residents enjoy waters throughout the state. Fishing is a popular activity, along with water sports and boating. Most of the time, people are able to enjoy the waters safely, but occasionally, a fatal boating accident occurs that affects a family forever. Although there are some accidents that unfortunately cannot be avoided, it is important for boaters to keep in mind some important safety tips to prevent an accident.

First, boaters should wear life jackets on the boat, even if they can swim. If an accident occurs, a person could be knocked unconscious, land in the water and drown, if they are not wearing a life jacket. Drinking and boating is also a dangerous activity. Boating under the influence increases the risk of a boating fatality by over 30 percent. Speeding also can cause serious accidents.

Those on a boat should observe the weight limit of the boat and make sure it is not overloaded. This can lead to an increased risk of the boat capsizing. The boat should also be properly maintained to reduce the risk of injury.

Weather should also always be observed. Boating in severe weather can be dangerous and sometimes, these weather emergencies can pop up quickly. Finally, a boating safety class is a good way to ensure a person knows the safest way to operate a boat.

Boating is a family-friendly activity that many Kentucky residents enjoy. But, if a family has found themselves the victims of a boating accident, they may want to speak with a legal professional skilled in personal injury. An attorney can review the circumstances surrounding the accident and find out who was to blame. Compensation may be available for medical and funeral expenses, pain and suffering and other damages.

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