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Three ways construction impacts your commute

Road construction is a common sight on Kentucky highways. Although the majority of roads in and around Franklin are well-maintained, that means that construction is likely going on in the area.

Highway construction can be bad for the road environment as it causes congestion, noise emissions and traffic delays. Here’s how these consequences could affect you on the road.

1. Congestion

Congestion occurs whenever many vehicles are close and moving slowly on the highway. Often referred to as gridlock, traffic congestion makes conditions ripe for collisions. Congested traffic slows the flow of traffic to a crawl, and a single distracted driver could cause an accident involving multiple vehicles.

2. Traffic delays

Delays are a way of life when construction is concerned. Even though traffic might not be stopped entirely, it’s still much slower than you’d like. When you’re in backed-up traffic, it’s common to see frustrated, irritated individuals behind the wheel. They want to get to the next exit or simply travel a few hundred feet to enter a driveway. The slow traffic is frustrating and can bring out the worst in drivers. They may speed up suddenly when traffic clears, get too close to your vehicle or become easily distracted and cause rear-end collisions.

3. Noise emissions

When you’re near a construction site, you may hear a cacophony of noises. The decibel level is high, making it hard to hear people inside your vehicle or things happening behind or around you. This can mean not hearing an ambulance or being unaware of honking vehicles.

To help combat this, remember to adjust your mirrors and to refer to them often when noise levels are high. You’ll be better able to see flashing emergency lights or notice people signaling you without having to hear them.

These are three ways you could be impacted by noises, congestion and delays when you’re in or around a construction zone. It’s a reality that work getting done on the roads does make it more dangerous for you to drive in the area, so it’s always wise to look into alternative routes. Be aware of your surroundings, and give yourself and others more time and space.

By being aware of the risks of construction zones, you can be safer on the roads. If you are hit, you’ll be better able to handle the situation and explain the circumstances when you speak with police or those at the hospital.

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