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Have you been the victim of a slip and fall accident?

When a Kentucky resident visits his local grocery store, shopping mall or other venue, he doesn’t expect the visit to end with an injury. Most places understand the importance of safety for their visitors, but occasionally negligence occurs where someone is hurt because of a slip and fall accident.

A property owner has a duty to make sure his property is not dangerous or have unexpected hazards. Their customers and visitors have the right to be on the property and should not have to worry about suffering from an unexpected injury caused by a property owner’s negligence. These accidents can happen to anyone at any time. There can be a loose floor mat, a pallet in the middle of the floor, a wet floor or ice on the sidewalk that wasn’t salted. Any of these conditions, and more, can lead to a fall. These accidents can cause broken bones, sprained ligaments and even a serious head injury.

Our law firm believes that our clients have the right to safe premises. We help our clients after they have been injured in a premise liability slip and fall case. We investigate the circumstances surrounding the injury and find out if the property owner was negligent in their care. We work to hold them responsible for their negligence and work to obtain compensation for our client’s medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages and other damages.

Our client’s well-being is a top priority. We fight for our client’s legal rights in representing them in a premise liability case.

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