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State law protects victims of animal bites

Animal bites can result in physical injuries and emotional harm which can also create financial setbacks for victims. Victims who have been harmed by an animal bite should be familiar with the legal resources available to help them through the recovery process. Guidance concerning the remedies available to them can be invaluable.

Victims of animal attacks can recover compensation for their physical, financial and emotional injuries. Unfortunately, an animal attack that may result in dog bite injuries can cause physical and emotional trauma to the victim. Victims of animal bites can suffer disfiguring injuries that may require extensive surgeries and medical care and treatment over time. Dog bites can leave both physical and emotional scars on their victims.

As a result, a personal injury claim for damages can help victims recover compensation for medical expenses, future medical care costs, time away from work and pain and suffering damages from the animal’s owner. In Kentucky, pet owners are strictly liable to victims for the harm their pets cause. This rule serves to protect victims who may be unexpectedly, and seriously, harmed by an animal attack or dog bite even if the dog does not have a prior history of bites or the owner is unaware of a prior history. In protecting victims, the law recognizes how debilitating a dog bite injury can be for victims.

Because of this sad reality, it is important for victims of animal attacks to know what they can do to hold pet owners accountable and protect themselves. Important protections are in place in Kentucky for victims of animal attacks and dog bites who are unexpectedly living with the challenging and unpleasant aftermath of an animal bite.

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