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Compensation laws in Kentucky

While most drivers in our state understand the importance of driving safely, sometimes, drivers make bad decisions. No one expects they will be involved in a serious car accident, but unfortunately, these affect hundreds of families every year. When the accident is serious, it can lead to many unexpected expenses. In these cases, it is important to understand car accident compensation laws.

Kentucky is a no fault state for insurance claims. Injured people can bring a claim to their insurance company if their injuries are more than $1,000 in medical expenses, they suffer from a broken bone, permanent disfigurement or injury or death. Our state is also a pure comparative negligence state where if the car accident case goes to trial, the judge will determine what percentage of fault each driver is at. So, if a person suffers $20,000 in damages but the judge finds them 90% at fault, their compensation would be reduced to $2,000. And, there is no cap on car accident claims, but there is a one year statute of limitations for filing a case for an injury to a person.

Sometimes, a car accident can cause serious injuries to a person. These injuries often involve unexpected medical expenses that can surpass thousands of dollars. An attorney that specializes in personal injury can help their injured client get the compensation they deserve. An attorney understands how serious this situation can be and will work hard to make sure their client’s life is able to return to normal as soon as possible.

When a driver is injured in a car accident it is important that they understand Kentucky’s compensation laws. A car accident can seriously affect a person’s life and compensation can help cover the unexpected expenses that may occur.

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