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Who is liable for pool accidents?

During the summer months, many Frankfort area residents visit pools. They are a refreshing way to spend hot Kentucky days. But, if a pool accident occurs at a public pool, who is liable for the accident?

These public pools are an asset to their community and allow residents the opportunity to cool down and have fun during the hot summer months. Most of the time, visitors remain safe at the pool, but occasionally, a pool accident occurs. When an accident occurs at a public pool, it is important to understand who is liable.

First, it is important for an injured person to determine what caused their injury. If there was improper maintenance on a pool, then the person, corporation or city who is responsible for the maintenance is liable. Or, if an employee causes a person’s injury, their employer could be held liable.

Second, if a person is injured at a public pool, they may need to file a government tort claim. The claim needs to be filed within a certain amount of time, allowing the government the chance to settle or deny the claim. If this is not done, a person may not bring suit against the government. Third, it is sometimes important to determine if a person’s case is worth bringing to court.

A legal professional who is skilled in personal injury can help their client who has been injured at a public pool. An attorney can investigate what happened to cause the accident and who was at fault. They can advise their client on their legal rights as well. Compensation may be available for medical expenses, pain and suffering and other damages.

Although most Kentucky residents are able to enjoy their public pools safely, accidents can still occur. Those who are injured due to no fault of their own have legal rights.

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