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Landlord liability for dog bites on their property

Many people in Kentucky own a dog as a pet. These dogs are considered by many to be cherished member of the family. But, occasionally a dog is aggressive and bites another person. In these cases, the owner of the dog may be held liable for their aggressive dog. But, what if a person suffers a dog bite in an apartment complex?

If a person is bit by an aggressive dog it is a traumatizing experience. Not only does the dog cause physical injuries, but a person can suffer emotional distress as well. If the dog attack occurs on apartment grounds, the landlord may be held accountable.

In general, the landlord can be held responsible for the dog attack if they knew the dog was aggressive but chose to rent to the dog owner despite that knowledge. Landlords can also be held liable if they were taking care of the dog at the time of the attack. Finally, if the landlord had the opportunity to evict the dog owner prior to the attack but didn’t, he or she could be held partially accountable.

No one expects they will be attacked by a dog. These situations, unfortunately, can happen at any time and to anyone. When a person is attacked by a dog, the dog’s owner may be held responsible. In some cases, the landlord of the apartment building may be held liable as well. When dog attacks occur, victims may be able to pursue compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, emotional trauma and other damages. Keep in mind that this is only a general overview of landlord liability in dog bite cases. Legal guidance can be sought for state-specific information on this topic.

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