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Common shopping hazards

The end of the holiday shopping season is a reminder that a retail store and shopping mall have the duty of protecting their customers from injury-causing hazards. Failure to conduct regular inspections, repairing hazards and providing warnings may lead to a premises liability lawsuit.

Visual merchandise may be hazardous. Customers can suffer injuries from falling merchandise when floor-to-ceiling displays are not properly secured, mannequins that are not fully supported with tightened support rods at the base plate and signs that are not properly fastened to ceiling grids. Customers can also strike signs that are hung too low. Lighted displays may be a tripping hazard through exposed cords or by having exposed wires or bulbs that burn or shock customers. Retailers must also warn customers of possible dangers with retail sign holders.

Slip-and-falls accidents are the most common accident in retail establishments. These are usually caused by wet floors and debris. Lack of non-skid floor mats, failure to train employees to promptly clean up spills inadequate warning signs and box and merchandise on aisle floors lead to this problem. Retails hazards have also been displayed in video showing the yearly shopping pandemonium of Black Friday. This has also caused many injuries where retailers have not engaged in proper preparation and planning.

Black Friday and other special promotions may require extra staff and security to guide shoppers during busy hours. Equipping them with headsets or radios helps their communication. Checkout rope lines should be placed away from entryways to the store, shopping carts need to be kept away from doors and signs should be posted with the location of bargains in the store.

Customers who are injured in a store or mall may be entitled to compensation if the retail establishment did not take adequate precautions. An attorney can help obtain evidence and pursue a lawsuit in Kentucky.

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