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Common types of medical malpractice

Doctors are not exempt from mistakes or negligence. At times, medical malpractice may even lead to the death of a patient. Certain forms of malpractice are prevalent and may underly a wrongful death lawsuit.

Surgical errors can be life-altering or even fatal. Although a patient signed a release form before the procedure, doctors and hospitals may be held liable, especially if something unexpected happened.

It is becoming more frequent for doctors to treat too many patients, which increases the possibility that they will make errors in judgment. They may be liable for failure to treat when they did not provide adequate treatment, even though they properly diagnosed the patient’s condition. Courts may view this failure as placing profits over patients.

Proper diagnosis is the foundation of care. A wrong diagnosis can be the gateway to improper or inadequate treatment. A doctor or hospital may also be liable for a late diagnosis, which delays necessary care and allows more problems to develop. Doctors sometimes provide an incorrect diagnosis of healthy patients that leads to harmful or inappropriate care, causing irreversible consequences.

Medical devices that break or work improperly can also cause pain, suffering and other serious consequences. Each case must be reviewed carefully to determine whether the doctor, health care facility or manufacturer is responsible.

Finally, mothers and newborns may suffer injuries before, during or after delivery. The lack of proper prenatal care and insufficient postpartum care may lead to injuries.

Medical negligence may be caused by fatigue, excessive work hours, stress or lack of proficiency in a specialty. An attorney can help families who have suffered the loss of a loved one seek compensation in a lawsuit.

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