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Study reveals dogs with the most severe bites

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 4.7 million people in this country are bitten by dogs each year and 20 percent of the victims needed medical care. A new study reveals the dog breeds that cause the most severe animal bites.

Pit bulls and mixed breed dogs have the highest risk of biting and cause the most damage per bites, according to research conducted by the Ohio State University. Research focused on 15 years of dog-related facial trauma cases from Nationwide Children’s Hospital and the University of Virginia Health System. Dog bite research going back to 1970 was also studied.

The top biter was classified as unknown. This was followed by pit bulls, mixed breeds, German shepherds, terriers and Rottweilers. Dogs with wide, short heads that weigh between 66 and 100 pounds also posed a danger. Dalmatians, Pointers, Great Danes, Pekinese and Spitz were the bottom five breeds for biting.

Pit bull bites are more severe than other bites because of this breed’s strength and how their jaws clamp down. This may be especially dangerous for children whose faces are sometimes on the same level as pit bulls and may be viewed as a threat by this breed. These dogs will attack a child’s neck and head. Overall, dog bite victims who need treatment are usually children between 5 and 9.

There are some ways to reduce the risk of a dog attack. Confrontation and risky contacts should be avoided because these might provoke an aggressive response from the animal. Humans should try not to issue harsh reprimands, smack the dog, push the dog off furniture or forcibly take an item away from the dog.

Nonetheless, an owner may face liability for physical harm caused by their pets. An attorney can help pursue a lawsuit to seek compensation for medical treatment and other expenses.

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