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Car accident injuries to the head and back can be serious

The trauma of a car accident can inflict severe pain and suffering on the health of a victim in Kentucky. While some accident victims are able to walk away from crashes without experiencing significant physical harm, others are taken from the scenes of crashes with life-threatening injuries. Oftentimes, when victims suffer serious injuries in motor vehicle accidents, those injuries affect their heads and their backs.

Any injury to the head can have serious repercussions on the future of an accident victim. Traumatic brain injuries can cause long-term problems for individuals and are often suffered in car accidents by victims when those victims hit their heads on internal surfaces of their vehicles. While some traumatic brain injuries will heal over time and with medical intervention, others may inflict permanent harm on those who suffer them.

Back injuries are another serious risk to victims who are involved in car crashes. The spinal cord is an important channel through which messages are sent from the brain to the body. When the spinal cord is bruised, cut or severed, communication between the brain and the body may not occur. Paralysis and other serious conditions can result from injuries to the spinal cord.

Accident victims should always seek medical attention after collisions, even if they do not think that they have suffered serious harm. That is because not all injuries are readily apparent in the moments after car accidents. Anyone in Kentucky who has been in a car accident will also likely need to review their potential legal options.

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