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How can bad weather lead to a premises liability claim?

It is November and Kentucky residents must be prepared for changes in the weather that can make traveling and getting around more difficult. Snow, ice and other forms of slippery precipitation can cause challenges for pedestrians and drivers alike. Individuals should use care when crossing affected surfaces to prevent accidents and personal injuries.

However, despite their best care and consideration for the conditions, some individuals will suffer painful and serious injuries when they slip and fall on weather-affected surfaces. While crossing parking lots, stepping onto stairs and walking down sidewalks are usually safe activities for individuals, when those surfaces are slippery victims may fall and endure serious physical pain.

While not every weather-affected slip and fall accident will be actionable under the law, some instances may meet the standards of premises liability claims. Premises liability claims are based on the negligence of property owners who fail to keep their properties safe for those who come onto and enter into them. In the case of dangerous weather and precipitation conditions, property owners may be liable for harm suffered by victims on their properties if they were negligent in removing ice, snow or other weather-related dangers from their buildings, lots and other property locations.

Building a claim for a personal injury based on a premises liability accident can be difficult and may require extensive research to prove that a case is solid. Anyone in Kentucky who has been injured in a slip-and-fall incident may need to get more information about their potential legal options.

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