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More caffeine use may mean more crashes among truckers

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2020 | Blog

During your commutes to and from Frankfort, you may find yourself in an accident with a negligent driver, even a negligent truck driver. While this is not something to dwell on, the possibility is still there, so it would be good to know just how certain accidents can arise.

With their long work hours, truckers are often prey to drowsiness behind the wheel. Many try to fight off drowsiness with intensive caffeine use, but according to one study, such a habit can wind up raising the risk for a crash.

Over 3,000 truckers analyzed

The study was conducted by a transport safety expert from Leicestershire’s Loughborough University Design School together with researchers at the Virginia Tech Transport Institute. It involved 3,007 truckers from eight different states, including Kentucky. These truckers were selected from a pool of 11,000 for their specific caffeine consumption habits.

On the one hand were those who drink a single caffeinated beverage a day. On the other hand were those who drink more than five of these. Everyone in between was eliminated. Asked if they were in a crash in the previous three years, 21.6% of the first group and 27.8% of the second group answered yes.

High caffeine use linked with poorer health

Besides the higher crash rate, researchers noticed a trend of poor health among the high caffeine users. Many would report getting inadequate sleep, eating unhealthily, tobacco use and alcohol abuse. It should be mentioned that the study participants’ answers were not shared with employers.

Further research will be necessary to show the relationship between caffeine use and unsafe behaviors among truckers. There are variables to consider, too. For example, different beverages contain differing levels of caffeine.

A lawyer to meet you personally

Perhaps you were involved in a truck crash yourself. Yours may have been one of those motor vehicle accidents that can legitimately form the basis for a personal injury claim, so it’s advisable to see a lawyer in the Frankfort area who can sit down with you and lay out your options. You may be able to be reimbursed for your medical bills, pain and suffering and more.

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