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Scientists develop tests for police in cannabis DUI cases

Kentucky motorists have long faced DUI charges if they are accused of driving their vehicles while drunk. However, the growing popularity of cannabis and marijuana legalization in many states across the country have also meant that more people are being charged with DWI for operating a vehicle under the influence of marijuana. While cannabis is still criminalized in Kentucky, many people may enjoy marijuana from time to time or even visit a legal state nearby. However, DUI charges related to cannabis are still often uncertain and ill-defined. You may be ordered to take a blood or urine test to show the presence of THC in your system if you are accused of cannabis DWI.


Few fast, reliable testing methods


There are well-established mechanisms for testing alcohol intoxication and determining whether you are too drunk to drive. While Breathalyzers may be defective or poorly maintained, when used accurately, they can provide a clear picture of whether a driver is over the legal limit, a level used in most places across the country. On the other hand, there are no similar fast options for cannabis testing. Instead, you may be ordered to take a blood test. In addition, there is no clearly established standard for the amount of marijuana that may impair driving. This means that people may face DUI charges for any amount of THC, the active ingredient in cannabis, detected in their system, even though it may linger long after its psychoactive effects have ended.


Scientists propose saliva test


Some scientists are proposing a saliva test that could test for THC concentration on the side of the road. Strips coated with special enzymes are placed in an electronic device. They are designed to react specifically to THC, and inventors of the tests say that police could use them at roadside stops to detect cannabis intoxication.

Even this technology, however, may not establish that you were actually intoxicated while you were driving, but restrictive marijuana laws might put you at greater risk. If you are facing cannabis DUI charges, a criminal defense attorney may help to protect your rights.

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