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Slow drivers and the danger they pose

During your commute to and from Frankfort, Kentucky, you probably encounter many drivers in the left-hand lane who are traveling below the speed limit. Such drivers may be fined because they are, in effect, impeding traffic flow.

How to behave around a slow driver

It’s important that the rest are polite on the road, though, and not impatient and aggressive in the face of a slow driver. For instance, it would be wrong for motorists to tailgate as a way to intimidate the slow driver or to quickly pass on the right without regard to their surroundings.

The best thing to do is to be patient, wait a minute for the slow driver to notice you and flash the headlights if the driver apparently doesn’t. You could honk the horn gently and, once the driver has changed lanes, give a friendly wave to show you’re not upset.

The most common kinds of slow drivers

Perhaps you have already been involved in an accident with a slow driver, though, and you didn’t act as safely as you could have. That doesn’t mean you don’t have a case since, after all, the other side may still hold the majority of the fault. This would especially be true if the driver was distracted. Many slow drivers are. Phones reduce activity in the parietal lobe by 37%, according to the National Safety Council, so they are often linked with slow driving.

The driver may have been a tourist distracted by the sights or a newly licensed driver too nervous to travel the speed limit. Another possibility is that he or she is a senior. Poor vision can make seniors disregard the speed limit, and arthritis may make it hard for them to accelerate.

A local Frankfort attorney

If you intend to file a personal injury claim, you may want a lawyer to evaluate the case first. Kentucky being a no-fault state, there are restrictions on who can file a third-party claim. Assuming that you have good grounds for such a claim, the lawyer may strive for a fair settlement.

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