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Common injuries sustained from car accidents

Every day, many people suffer injuries on Kentucky roads. While many of these wounds are minor, there are times when car crash victims are left to deal with serious injuries. The treatment protocol will depend on the severity and location of the injury.

Car crashes can often result in injuries to the head and brain of the driver or passengers. Concussions are likely when the head hits the dashboard, steering wheel or another part of the car’s interior. Symptoms include dizziness, headaches and nausea.

Treatment for a mild concussion involves a lot of rest. However, this does not mean that a concussion victim does not require immediate medical attention. Concussion victims may speed up recovery time if they slow down on physical activity and go easy on tasks that require a lot of concentration.

Whiplash and other neck injuries often occur when there is a side impact on the car. Mild neck strains are easy to treat with non-prescription pain medications. However, more serious damage to the vertebrate may need the attention of a surgeon.

Your seatbelt is your No. 1 defense against a car accident injury. However, a victim whose body weight is pressed violently against a seatbelt could suffer a broken collarbone. When collarbone fractures are minor, they can heal with time and the use of a brace. Surgery may be necessary for more serious breaks.

Injuries to the back and spinal cord are among the scariest potential car crash injuries. Several small discs run along the spinal cord. When these are pushed out of alignment, surgery is necessary. There are also small bones in the area that could be fractured.

The injuries suffered in a car accident can lead to a recovery process that is both costly and time-consuming. A personal injury attorney may represent the best option for an accident victim concerned with securing the compensation they need to recover.

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