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What are some concerns about truck accidents?

Car and truck accidents happen all the time in the United States, and drivers on Kentucky roads need to be aware of hazards. When cars, SUVs and pickup trucks share the road with powerful tractor-trailers, it benefits all drivers to adhere to common-sense safety tips. Legal complexities may arise when a large truck becomes involved in an accident with a smaller vehicle.

Risks on the road

To ensure that a truck driver knows how to operate their vehicle properly, the driver must possess a commercial driver’s license. However, the truck driver might still be negligent behind the wheel. A reckless truck driver could:

  • Drive at excess speeds
  • Tailgate a car to force it out of the lane
  • Operate the truck while under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Laws of physics and truck collisions

A heavy truck’s size and weight mean that it could cause significant damage to a smaller car, motorcycle, full-size SUV or cargo van. Severe injuries and fatalities may result from an accident, which might necessitate a lawsuit to recover losses.

Trucking companies and liability

Truck drivers might work for a company that owns the trucks. Did the company knowingly allow a poorly maintained vehicle on the road? Did the company continue to employ a dangerous driver? If the trucking company factored into negligence, then the enterprise might find itself sued.

The truck is not always at fault

Despite all these risks of large trucks on the road, it’s a mistake to always assume that the “big rig” was at-fault for the accident. A smaller vehicle that weaves in and out of lanes, tries to cut off a truck or chooses to violate traffic laws could be the cause of a multi-vehicle accident.

Truck accidents may lead to many legal questions about liability and litigation. A person injured in a truck-related motor vehicle accident may wish to speak to an attorney.

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