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Are UPS trucks likely to cause a serious accident?

The United Parcel Service, known to most customers as UPS, delivers a large volume of packages and cargo. UPS drivers know that they must get their deliveries to Kentucky recipients on time, which may be difficult when traveling into unfamiliar areas or on congested roads. Sometimes, mishaps occur, and UPS trucks contribute to accidents. As with any vehicle accidents, victims hurt by a UPS driver could file a civil suit.

UPS drivers and accidents

The overwhelming majority of deliveries conclude without any incidents. However, statistics reveal that UPS trucks do become involved in accidents. One study showed that more than 2,300 accidents occurred between 2017 and 2019, resulting in more than 50 fatalities. While the odds of a UPS truck causing an accident are low, accidents happen. Sometimes, they result in a person’s death.

When negligence factors into an accident, the negligent party may become liable for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering experienced by the victim. Even a company as massive as UPS does not have immunity from basic tort laws.

Issues surrounding UPS truck accidents

Not every mishap might be a driver’s fault, but worker negligence could factor into an incident. For example, UPS truck drivers must follow regulations regarding “hours of service.” Truck drivers may only work up to a maximum number of hours per day and must follow mandatory breaks. When a driver fails to comply and causes an accident due to drowsiness, the injured party may have a strong negligence case.

Poor maintenance may also factor into accidents. If a mechanically unsound truck hits the road, UPS may face liability claims for any accidents. These accidents could lead to personal injury suits as victims seek compensation from UPS or a settlement from an active insurance policy.

An attorney may help an injured client take action after a truck accident. The attorney might suggest suing multiple parties if several others contributed to the accident, such as mechanics, parts manufacturers and more.

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