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Is a swimming pool owner liable for my slip and fall?

Swimming pool owners have a legal responsibility to provide a safe environment on their property. Everyone understands the risks of using a swimming pool, but that does not mean their owners do not have premises liability.

According to the National Floor Safety Institute, unsafe flooring material contributes to over 2 million falls every year. Swimming pools represent a significant risk in this area. If you injured yourself in a slip and fall accident at a swimming pool, keep reading to learn if the property owner is at fault.

Owners have the responsibility

Kentucky mandates that property owners make their premises safe for visitors. When it comes to public swimming pools, everyone who uses them is an implied invitee. This means that property owners are responsible for repairing safety hazards, conducting unknown hazard checks and warning visitors of potential risks. If you slip and fall around a pool that did not have apparent safety protections in place, the owner may have liability.

Children have additional protections

The owner must prove they took reasonable precautions to maintain a safe environment around their pool. If the walkways around the pool are improperly maintained or do not have proper grip protection, they may be at fault. In addition, pools face liability for children who trespass on their property. This is because pools fall under the category of an attractive nuisance, meaning children are more likely to wander onto the property.

If you slip and fall at a public pool, the property owner must demonstrate they took the necessary precautions to prevent your injury. If they neglected to maintain or provide a safe environment, you have a chance at a premises liability suit.

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