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3 common causes of dog bites and how you can prevent them

Dog bites are a serious source of personal injury for young children and for adults as well. If you share a home or neighborhood with dogs, you and your family can benefit from learning more about what triggers a dog to bite.

Pet owners can often overcome a dog’s aggressive behavior through training and socialization. However, many potential bite situations require a case-by-case approach.

1. Protectiveness

Certain dog breeds are naturally more aggressive, some are more protective, and some can be both. A dog might lash out if they perceive that their family or a treasured object is in danger. It is important to respect a dog’s personal space, just as you would for another human being.

2. Playfulness

Biting or mouthing can sometimes find their way into a dog’s playstyle. A rowdy individual can sometimes cause harm when they are simply trying to have fun. It is the dog owner’s responsibility to discourage such behavior through training or careful discipline.

3. Fearfulness

It can be easy for a human, particularly children, to misunderstand when a dog feels startled or in pain. For many animals, attacking and biting are natural responses when scared. It is for this reason that parents should avoid leaving their kids unsupervised around an unfamiliar dog.

While you should take every precaution to avoid a dog bite, there are certain steps to take if an incident does occur. Medical treatment is necessary, even if you know the owner and the dog’s background. A personal injury lawyer can then provide guidance on how to pursue legal compensation.

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