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What to do after an accident with a commercial driver

If you get into an accident with a commercial driver, you may wonder if there is a different procedure you should follow. According to the National Safety Council, large trucks accounted for 107,000 crashes resulting in an injury in 2020.

Accidents with commercial vehicles are rarer than non-commercial accidents. However, you should still prepare for the worst-case scenario. Continue reading to learn more about dealing with a motor vehicle accident with a commercial driver.

Document the accident

Usually, the company that employs the driver has access to significantly more resources than you do. This means it is essential to gather all the relevant information from the accident scene. Take pictures of every vehicle involved in the accident. This includes license plates, company logos and debris. Take notes of the street names and other landmarks to reference later. Document any injuries you sustained and take photos of them as well.

Exchange relevant information

It is common knowledge to exchange information after an accident, but you need more information for commercial drivers. Ask them what type of vehicle they drive. Get specifics about the make and model. Ask the driver for their employer’s contact information and get their personal insurance information and their employer’s insurance. It is vital to collect the relevant information and contact an attorney before giving any statements.

Accidents with commercial drivers are more complicated because they involve several parties. This includes your insurance provider, the driver’s insurance provider, the driver’s employer and the business insurance provider. Do not reveal any information to other parties that you do not have to, and take careful notes of the incident.

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