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The dangers of posting about your dog bite on social media

Social media platforms are a popular way for people to share about their lives and connect. Many people like to include photos in their posts as well. While sharing in this way with family and friends can make you feel closer, some topics are best avoided on social media.

Why is posting about my dog bite on social media dangerous?

Posting information about an accident on social media can negatively impact a personal injury case. Public platforms are available to insurance adjusters and litigators, and they can use the information they find there as evidence against you in a court of law.

What should you avoid posting on social media?

During your recovery and any litigation that may occur, you should avoid the following activities on social media platforms.

  • Posts about your accident or your recovery: do not offer any information about what happened before, during or after the attack, including your recovery. A Kentucky litigator can use anything you post as evidence of your guilt or liability, even if you did not mean to admit culpability.
  • Pictures of yourself: attorneys can use pictures to imply that your injury was not serious or that your recovery did not interfere with your life.
  • Excessive use of social media: participating too often or in frequent interactions can become evidence that you are not suffering.

How can I stay in touch with friends and family?

The best way to stay in touch with friends and family during this time would be in person or through phone communication.  Avoiding the written word can help you avoid misinterpretations.

Avoiding social media activity after a dog bite injury can keep your court case refocused on your injury and recovery instead of your online interactions.

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