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3 most likely places for a car accident involving a pedestrian

The mention of a moving vehicle accident brings to mind images of cars colliding on the highway or in a busy intersection. However, many of the most deadly accidents are those involving a vehicle and one or more pedestrians.

Certain areas introduce additional factors and dangers that make car accidents involving pedestrians more common. Whether you are behind the wheel or taking to the roadside on foot, you can protect yourself and those around you by exercising extra caution in areas where pedestrian accidents are more likely.

1. Parking lots

It goes without saying that parking lots are the locations where drivers are sure to come across the highest concentration of pedestrians. Proceeding too fast, entering commands into an electronic device or paying insufficient attention can lead to a collision with pedestrians emerging from in between vehicles.

2. Neighborhoods

Residential areas present a unique kind of risk when it comes to pedestrian accidents. Low-traffic neighborhoods are places where people might feel safe crossing the street without looking or where children might freely play with little regard for danger.

3. Remote roadways

The CDC reports that many pedestrian deaths involving car accidents actually occur on roadways far away from prominent intersections. These remote roads and highways are places where cars travel at high speeds, and there is often little or no space along the road for pedestrians to travel.

Drivers often spend most of their attention watching for other vehicles, and perhaps not enough toward pedestrians. If you do experience a moving vehicle accident as a driver or as a pedestrian, you have the right to pursue legal action and compensation.

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