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What are common physical injuries my baby can have at birth?

No mother in Kentucky wants to think about her baby experiencing injuries. Unfortunately, injuries do happen.

Injuries can happen due to medical malpractice. A medical professional can assess your child to determine the extent of the injury and any necessary care.

Possible bone fractures

Merck Manual lists a variety of physical injuries your newborn may have. The most common bone injury is a clavicle fracture which can take days to diagnose in many cases. This type of injury usually heals by itself within a few weeks and does not seem to bother newborns.

Some genetic conditions can predispose an infant to multiple fractures due to their fragility. Most limb fractures or those to the legs and arms do cause pain when moved. Doctors typically splint the limb with successful healing.

Other physical injuries

Beyond the fracturing of bones, your newborn may suffer from soft tissue and skin injuries. Depending on the delivery of your child, the newborn may have bruising and swelling. A breeched delivery shows these injuries on the groin while a face-first delivery shows them on the face.

Doctors who perform delivery using instruments may cause damage to your child’s body. The most commonly used delivery aid are forceps. The subcutaneous fat beneath your baby’s skin may experience damage by the use of these instruments.

Besides bruising, your baby’s skin may appear raised and red. Sometimes these injuries take months to resolve but most do not need additional treatment. While instruments can injure your child, the pressure of passing through the birth canal may cause minor injuries that generally heal on their own.


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